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Established in 1954 by Mr. Luigi Consonni as a mechanical workshop, OMAC s.n.c. early specialised in designing and building up, on behalf of firms of that business sector, specific machines for stringing conductors of transmission lines.

In '70s its know-how was already so grown that OMAC s.n.c. opened a new specific division for this kind of sector, with a new plant properly equipped, and a specific test field for simulating stringing operations at yard.

But it's only in the early '90s that OMAC s.n.c. begins the promotion of its own mark in some areas and, since 1994 it starts to commercialise its products directly, without intermediaries.

In 1997, OMAC s.n.c. founded the firm OMAC Engineering S.r.l., a technical and commercial department established with the proper purpose to commercialise machines and equipment OMAC.

In 1999 OMAC moved to the new plant of Via Pizzo Camino where, beside OMAC s.n.c., are also the offices of OMAC Engineering S.r.l.

In the year 2000, the firm grows again by acquiring a new production area, which has been equipped with new machines and assigned to special machining operations.

Each machine OMAC comes with a special feature: over 40 years of experience of its manufacturer!!!